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about us and about our work

We are a UK company, founded in 2013, and have been working in the web design and marketing field since 2003.

We build professional websites for both small and medium sized companies, and have clients spread across five countries. Our aim is to improve the business of our clients, and give them a 'brand-like' image, helping them to build upon this further and ultimately make their business more profitable.

With 11 years of website building experience, we develop websites more efficiently and faster than average.

Janos Antal (owner, web consultant)

Flexibility in cooperation 100%

Efforts in work 100%

Responsible approach 100%


years in the "matrix"


hours of thinking


hours of conversations



our efficient

services provided

website design

Producing a website is not just about the visual design aspects, although this is obviously an important factor. We take extreme care in making sure that the website is designed to work and perform on all levels, both from a user's point of view, and behind the scenes.

web development

We have all the up to date programming experience, however we are still able to communicate everything we are doing in an easy to understand way so it is always clear to our clients.

online marketing

Online adveritsing, facebook pages, google adwords management, html5 banner design - all additional services you need.

offline works

Where you might need design work for offline purposes, this is something we can also fulfil, being able to provide you with logo design, flyer design, advertisement editing, and more.

when you need to save time and cost, ask for

additional services

photo & retouch

If your images are not up to scratch, or as good as you'd like, we can make or retouch them to improve the quality.

video & editing

We are also able to provide you with a short video about your products or services, should you need it, filming and editing it professionally.

consultancy & content

We will provide you with a free consultation, with the aim of building high quality content for your business website, designed to maximise it's impact on search engines as well.

how is our work

process flow

Usually, at the start of a new project, web developers will speak to clients about their ideas and concepts for the overall design. We know this can be difficult, simply because feedback from clients is often that they find it difficult to articulate exactly what they have in their mind's eye for the project. We aid you every step of the way in your thought process and forming your 'virtual business identity'.

  • The Conversation & The Plan
  • The Webdesign & The Layout
  • Web Development & The Content
  • The Launch & other tools
everything is different

Final thoughts, from our experience


offers available

We believe that even the smallest companies deserve a professional and yet affordable website.
This is not just a marketing spiel – we want you to be successful, as in turn this is what makes our work successful as well.


website building we do NOT use open source CMS - we always use unique and safe coding

All these websites are

  • Device independent, responsive websites
  • Contain full design or re-design
  • Built with SEO friendly technology
  • They are technically a brand new website

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